June 2023 product updates

We’ve had a busy month here at CaptionHub HQ. So busy, in fact, that we have a whole host of exciting new product features to tell you about.

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June 2023 product updates


Editing in CaptionHub just got easier. You can now right-click the timeline to split captions at the exact location of your click, merge captions, delete captions, and precision ripple edit. Learn more about this functionality, and the dynamic ripple edit, here.

Qumu dynamic ingest

Automatically import video uploaded to your Qumu account. Pairing this functionality with our powerful Automation capability, automatically caption, translate, and re-publish back to Qumu without ever logging in to CaptionHub - at a massive scale. Reach your entire global audience with a few clicks.

Support for additional languages

We've added support for additional languages, increasing our total supported to 282. 73 languages are now supported for speech recognition auto-transcribe; 137 machine translation languages, 63 Voiceover languages and a massive total of 282 languages for translated language support.

Clear all subtitles

Sometimes a linguist will want start from scratch without requiring a Producer to recreate a blank translation. You can now use the 'clear all subtitles' functionality to reset back to a blank slate in one easy click, and more importantly remove the need for reliance on Producer involvement.

Alerts filter

Focus only on the captions that require your attention with the new alerts filter. As you resolve issues, those captions will be automatically removed from view. Read more about the alerts filter in our knowledge base.

Vimeo now in private beta

Video import, autotranscription, autotranslation, and republishing of subtitles back to Vimeo is now live in private beta, with a full product release coming soon.

On screen text identification now in private beta

CaptionHub now recognises and extracts textual content from your video, inserts that text into a second track of captions – with automated positioning on screen where the original text was – and then translates those captions into any language. Ideal for keynote presentations and e-learning. Available in private beta, with a full product release coming soon.