VICE Selects CaptionHub for International Video Localisation

CaptionHub, the market-leading video & audio captioning platform, announced its latest broadcast and media client, VICE, the leading global youth media company reaching audiences in over 80 international territories across mobile, digital and linear channels.

After a proof of concept phase spanning 2018, that involved rigorous internal testing and a technical integration into VICE’s production systems, VICE has rolled-out CaptionHub to its European distribution network for its online video content subtitling.

Using CaptionHub, VICE can provide its cross platform award winning shows in a variety of languages and formats.

CaptionHub will significantly speed up video reach to its distribution territories allowing for faster and more cost effective delivery of high-quality content that will reach larger audiences.

CaptionHub was selected due its leading position in caption production, blending the latest technology in automatic speech recognition, machine transcription and translation, speaker identification, frame-accurate caption alignment and team collaboration, for global post-production teams in broadcast.

Daniel Elias, Head of Post Production at VICE said: “The vision has allowed VICE to bring innovations across the business including content velocity thanks to the capabilities introduced by CaptionHub.”

Adding, “We can control key technical aspects of captioning from a centralised system while acting as an open portal to our global offices for translation, ensuring the VICE voice remains relevant to its discerning youth local audiences.”

“VICE has achieved an incredible reputation for its content production, rapidly reaching cult status seemingly out of nowhere” said Tom Bridges, CaptionHub Founder and CEO. “We look forward to helping VICE deliver the best possible content and captions to their audience around the world.”

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