CaptionHub Website and Platform Data Retention Policy

How Captionhub Retains Data We Collect

We collect data as you use CaptionHub. What we collect, why we collect it, and how you can manage your information are described in our Privacy Policy. This retention policy describes why we hold onto different types of data for different periods of time.

Some data you can delete whenever you like, some data is deleted automatically, and some data we retain for longer periods of time when necessary. When you delete data, we follow a deletion policy to make sure that your data is safely and completely removed from our servers.

Information Retained Until You Remove It

We offer a range of services that allow you to correct or delete data stored in your CaptionHub Account. For example, you can:

  • Edit your email address in your profile in CaptionHub
  • Hide your email address from being displayed to others in your CaptionHub Team by using publicly displayed “Display names” instead. This can be enabled by CaptionHub by writing to us at 
  • Delete your CaptionHub Account entirely by writing to us at 
  • Delete your email address from all of our related marketing systems by writing to us at 
  • Delete your email address, company postal address and telephone numbers from our billing platforms by writing to us at 

We’ll keep this data in your CaptionHub Account and CaptionHub marketing systems until you choose to remove it.

Data that expires after a specific period of time

Your Team or Account’s Superuser can request to have original video and audio media deleted after a certain period of time. Original media can be set to be deleted after 1 day, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or never. Unless a specific option is requested by your Team or Account’s Superuser, the we will delete all original media after 90 days. You can also delete that media from your Projects

Information retained for extended time periods for limited purposes

Sometimes business and legal requirements oblige us to retain certain information, for specific purposes, for an extended period of time. For example, when CaptionHub processes a payment for your team, or when you make a payment to CaptionHub, we’ll retain this data for longer periods of time as required for tax or accounting purposes. Reasons we might retain some data for longer periods of time include:

  • Security, fraud & abuse prevention
  • Financial record-keeping
  • Complying with legal or regulatory requirements
  • Ensuring the continuity of our services
  • Direct communications with CaptionHub

Enabling safe and complete deletion

When you delete data in your CaptionHub account, we immediately start the process of removing it from the product and our systems. First, we aim to immediately remove it from view and the data may no longer be used. For example, if you delete a video from your Projects dashboard, that will immediately be unavailable along with any associated subtitle tracks.

We then begin a process designed to safely and completely delete the data from our storage systems. 

Our services also use encrypted backup storage as another layer of protection to help recover from potential disasters. Data can remain on these systems for up to 6 months.

As with any deletion process, things like routine maintenance, unexpected outages, bugs, or failures in our protocols may cause delays in the processes and timeframes defined in this article. We maintain systems designed to detect and remediate such issues.

Employee data retention policy 

In addition to the above, we also have further definitions for how we long we retain data for Captionhub employees, this is contained in our Employee Data Retention Schedule and can be provided on request by writing to us at