The power of CaptionHub
Now with live stream translated-subtitles

Transcribe, translate and re-broadcast your live video streams.

  • Transcribe in real-time

    CaptionHub supports 5 languages for real-time transcription for live video streams, with 95%+ accuracy. Live events, town-halls, and other video streams can now be subtitled in real-time without human input.

  • Translate in real-time

    Localise your live video steams with CaptionHub Live. We support translation into 20 languages, via state of the art machine translation. Real-time translation over your live video stream, as it happens. Take your video to new global audiences.

  • Custom Dictionaries

    Customise your live video stream transcription and translation to recognise your brand and company specific terms. CaptionHub Live uses the same custom dictionaries as CaptionHub. So you can define lists of key words that will appear in your stream – like people and product names – and CaptionHub will ensure that they're transcribed correctly.

Feature checklist

  • Real-time transcription in 5 different languages

  • Real-time translation into 20 different languages

  • Custom Dictionaries

  • Static endpoints, for firewall traversal

  • Redundant streams

  • 95%+ accuracy

  • Low latency

Transcription / translation partners