The power of CaptionHub.
Now with live video.

Transcribe, translate and re-broadcast your live video streams.

  • Transcribe in real-time

    CaptionHub supports 5 languages for real-time transcription, at up to 95%+ accuracy. It's available as a bolt-on for our Enterprise customers.

  • Translate in real-time

    We support translation into 20 languages, via state of the art machine translation.

  • Custom Dictionaries

    CaptionHub Live uses the same custom dictionaries as CaptionHub. So you can define lists of key words that will appear in your stream – like people and product names – and CaptionHub will ensure that they're transcribed correctly.

Feature checklist

  • Real-time transcription in 5 different languages

  • Real-time translation into 20 different languages

  • Custom Dictionaries

  • Static endpoints, for firewall traversal

  • Redundant streams

  • 95%+ accuracy

  • Low latency

Transcription / translation partners