Perfect subtitles, faster

CaptionHub is an AI-powered collaborative platform for enterprise subtitling.

CaptionHub is the new standard

CaptionHub helps you communicate more quickly and with greater clarity, power and accuracy to all your audiences, even when they’re multitasking or on the move, watching without the benefit of sound or with a soundtrack that’s not in their native language. Subtitling at scale is hard, whether it's for accessibility or translation and localization. CaptionHub brings together the features, integrations and people required for a seamless and powerful subtitling experience.

  • Blazing speed

    AI-powered engines slash turnaround times.

    ✓ Automatic speech recognition
    ✓ Machine translation
    ✓ Natural Captions Technology©
    ✓ Speaker identification
    ✓ Auto-alignment

    ✓ Enterprise integrations including marketing leading TMSs and OVPs

  • Collaborative workflow

    Control your messaging, and never make a mistake.

    ✓ Human-powered editing
    ✓ Review & approval
    ✓ Multiple user roles with tiered permissions
    ✓ Automatic notifications
    ✓ Audit trail & snapshots
    ✓ Video platform publishing

  • Built for enterprise

    Secure, flexible, powerful.

    ✓ Deployment options: Cloud, on-premise or hybrid
    ✓ Enterprise security options
    ✓ Flexible authentication for global teams
    ✓ Fully-featured API for large throughput subtitling automation

Every once in a while a product comes along that just blows your mind and CaptionHub is that product. The speed at which we can now do captions, in multiple languages, has saved us time and now we’re able to get our videos out much faster to the global teams at Ford Motor Company.

Fred Gendron  Studio Manager

How CaptionHub works in 4 simple steps

  • 01

    Upload, import or ingest video and audio media

    Give it a name and drag your files, import from your video platform or build into our API. Either way, getting media into CaptionHub is easy and secure.

  • 02

    Create captions with CaptionHub's auto-transcription

    Transcribing video is painful. Editing, timing, reviewing, more editing. Life is too short.

  • 03

    Translate into any language, perfectly

    Combine auto-translation, customisable machine translation and human workflow tools to produce perfect subtitles, in any language, faster.

  • 04

    Publish or download captions and subtitles

    Once you've finished, you can download timed text, or burnt-in subtitles. You can also publish them straight to your enterprise video platform or publish via API.

How CaptionHub works in 4 simple steps

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