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CaptionHub’s Mission: Provide students with enterprise-grade software to prepare them for life post-graduation.

About Middlebury Institute of International Studies

The Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) at Monterey is a leading international professional graduate school known worldwide for its leadership in language instruction and international programmes. The Middlebury Institute of International Studies educates professionals to advance understanding, promote peace, and drive change in pursuit of a more just world.



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Enabling the future of the localisation industry

Students enrolled in the Translation and Localization Management program at MIIS used a range of different software platforms to transcribe, translate, QA, and publish subtitles. While the end result was the same - translated captions synced to original source video - the effort and time required was not scalable. The mix of software used also meant students were constantly having to learn additional platforms when moving between course modules, rather than building confidence and experience in one. CaptionHub was the answer for MIIS; the platform has been designed from the ground up to fully integrate and flex with our customers’ existing workflows. That means supporting a whole range of online video platforms, translation partners, approval workflows, and, of course, best in breed AI that powers transcription, translation, synthetic voiceover, and more. This ability to flex to support different workflows enables students to learn different roles, operating as a linguist,
a producer, or ensuring QA.

"We always tell our students that among the traits better, faster, and cheaper, they can only pick two. With CaptionHub, I can show students how we can do things more efficiently, lower prices, and theoretically increase quality as well”

Max Troyer

Professor, MIIS

Arming the next generation of magicians

As CaptionHub is an enterprise-grade software platform trusted by some of the largest enterprises in the world, students are gaining hands-on experience that they can take with them into their careers post-graduation. Professor Troyer remarked that utilising a tool such as CaptionHub vs traditional spreadsheet-based workflows is akin to being like a magician.

“I’m really excited about bringing in a tool like CaptionHub to show students what it can do, so that when they go out in the workforce they can say, wait, you’re using spreadsheets to do this? We have a hundred videos on this spreadsheet! Let me give you a demo of how we could automate this with CaptionHub. I want them to be like magicians."

Max Troyer

Professor, MIIS

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