CaptionHub as the secret sauce in Subway's recipe for multimedia localisation

Subway's mission: Deliver multimedia localisation at scale by subtitling video content effectively and efficiently to Subway’s franchisees worldwide, supporting communication and operational efficiency.

About Subway

Subway, an American multinational fast-food restaurant franchise, stands as the largest quick-serve restaurant globally, boasting over 37,000 restaurants across 100 countries and territories. Carrie Fischer, the Globalization Services Manager at Subway, leads the charge in localising various content types, including video, to cater to diverse markets and audiences.

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Multimedia localisation: the bread and butter
of global brand success

CaptionHub emerged as the solution to Subway's localisation woes. Its intuitive interface and seamless workflow empowered Fischer and her team to transcribe, translate, and generate SRT files within hours—a feat previously unattainable. The platform's user-friendly features, such as segmenting videos for precise captioning, revolutionised Fischer's approach to multimedia localisation, even as a self-described ‘novice’ in the field of video editing. The adoption of CaptionHub not only slashed turnaround times from days to hours but also resulted in substantial cost savings for Subway, underscoring the platform's role as a cost-effective multimedia localisation solution. With faster delivery and enhanced operational efficiency, Subway gained the agility to scale its multimedia outputs while ensuring consistent, high-quality content across markets.

“Once I was shown CaptionHub, it was like oh my gosh, this is really easy. Between the contractors and myself, we are able to take a lot of videos and turn them around the same day or the next day, and with obviously cheaper costs.”

Carrie Fischer

Globalization Services Manager, Subway

Subway's next big bite into localisation

As Subway continues its commitment to global expansion and brand excellence, CaptionHub remains a cornerstone of its localisation strategy. Fischer's journey with the platform epitomises the transformative power of technology in streamlining processes and driving business growth. With CaptionHub, Subway stands poised to deliver its message swiftly and effectively to audiences worldwide, reinforcing its position as a global leader in the fast-food industry. Subway's partnership with CaptionHub exemplifies a synergy between innovation and industry expertise, paving the way for enhanced communication and operational excellence in the fast-food landscape.

“CaptionHub has been a game changer in terms of cost savings as well as accelerating our turnaround time from days to hours. The appreciation that I get from my colleagues who request these translations is overwhelming. It has been a great investment.”

Carrie Fischer

Globalization Services Manager, Subway

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