Flexible pricing for all your enterprise subtitling needs. Our most frequently asked questions and answers, below.

How does pricing work in CaptionHub?

CaptionHub offers Standard tiers for low usage captioning, with bolt-ons for specific features such as rendering, or pro translation. Our Enterprise tiers unlock the full power of CaptionHub with a wide range of features not supported in our Standard tiers. To find out which is best for your business, please contact us today, we endeavour to call back immediately: https://www.captionhub.com/demo

What if I only have one project or event?

If you only need CaptionHub on a one-off basis, simply sign up and cancel when you're done. Cancelling is easy and immediate.

How does billing work in CaptionHub?

Billing in CaptionHub is defined by output minutes. Each tier has a monthly output minute allowance. When you download a set of captions for the first time, we deduct minutes from your allowance. Subsequent downloads – either burnt-in subtitles, or timed text – do not affect your balance of minutes.

What if I exceed my monthly allowance?

If you exceed your monthly allowance, you have the option to progress to the next tier, or you can purchase top-up minutes to allow you to make further downloads.

If minutes are not used one month, can they be carried over?

On annual plans, monthly minutes are totalled for the entire year. For monthly plans, there is no monthly carry over.

Is there a minimum term?

We require a month subscription for our Standard tier customers and a year's minimum contract for our Enterprise customers, payable in advance. Flexible monthly contracts are subject to a 20% surcharge.

Can I whitelabel CaptionHub?

We offer two different models for white labelling. Please contact our Sales Team for further details.

How can I upgrade / downgrade / cancel my plan?

Plans can be cancelled or downgraded at the end of the billing period, and upgraded at any time.

Can you implement specific features for me?

Yes. All users benefit from the continual R&D that we invest into CaptionHub, and our Enterprise customers have no feature restrictions (unless it's requested). We can also carry out custom development if you need a specific feature, or if you'd like to accelerate something that's on our roadmap. Custom development is always by quotation.

Do you offer on-premise installs?