Powerful insights into subtitling workflows

CaptionHub Analytics provides numerous, easy to understand reports out of the box - granting the immediate insight into subtitling workflows you need to make confident and informed decisions.

  • Up and running in minutes

    CaptionHub Analytics includes a multitude of standard reports out of the box, granting immediate at-a-glance views of minutes, team output, caption states, pending submissions, and more. More reports are being added all the time.

  • Create no-code, custom reports

    Default reports not enough? Create no-code, custom reports, surfacing the insights you need from your data. Want to understand which LSPs are meeting SLAs? Or identify top-performing linguists, and those that require more corrections? Make business-critical decisions with the data you require, leading to true ROI.

  • Fine-grained filters

    Intuitive interface and live refreshing enable you to drill down into the data and understand what is moving the needle. Features such as fine grained filters, powerful visuals, and multiple export formats ensure seamless integration into your reporting workflow. Ensure clarity across all your subtitling projects.

Feature checklist

  • Reports available out of the box, offering immediate insight into your subtitling and localisation workflows

  • Create no-code, customisable reports to surface insights from your own data

  • Be up and running in minutes, with simple configuration required to get started

  • Range of export formats supported, including .xlsx, .csv, .png, .json, slotting into your reporting process

  • Clean, visual interface supports screenshots for instant insertion into reporting documents

  • Built-in tools like filters and the action menu, along with live refreshing, enable instant refinement