Automated subtitle creation and workflows

CaptionHub's no-code subtitling-at-scale capability – gives non-developers the power to set up hugely powerful, API level, automated subtitling workflows – in seconds and without a single line of code.

  • Hugely powerful, beautifully simple

    API power without the development. Automate and scale the largest and most complex subtitling workflows, through ingest, transcription, translation and delivery. Subtitle all your existing and future video without ever logging in.

  • Simple task automation

    Automate tasks inside of a single project – like setting up different limits for different languages, or automatically initiating transcription in your preferred language. Deliver consistency across all subtitles.

  • Highly configurable

    Select the video input source to auto-import from any platform; create rules for transcription, translation, edit-review-approve workflow and publishing. Set them once for continuous subtitling creation triggered when video is uploaded to your video platform. Refine import with dynamic ingest tagging and more. Deep control combined with high performance subtitling at any scale.

Feature checklist

  • API, UI or video platform source selection

  • Unlimited lanaguge groups for specific language, caption limits and machine translation choice

  • Auto-captions or import existing English captions for translation

  • Full automated publishing back to your video platform

  • Simple configuration can be completed in seconds

  • Built-in termbase and Custom Dictionary support