Beautifully simple.
Simply powerful.

At the heart of CaptionHub is a frame accurate editor, using media stored securely in the cloud. Desktop quality tools in a web browser.

    • Browser-based

      Create and edit captions in real time. Our simple and intuitive editor requires no special skills or software, and offers advanced features usable by any team member, from producer to linguist.

    • Pro features

      Powerful features include cut detection, ripple edit, right-to-left language support, segment, watermarking, and built-in messaging – all from your web browser.

    • Real-time QC

      CaptionHub continuously checks for captioning errors, and offers helpful tips on how to fix them. Making your job faster and simpler.

    • True frame accuracy

      We’re frame accurate. Timing is vital to ensure that each caption appears when it should. With CaptionHub, captions can be adjusted for pinpoint accuracy.

    • Source propogation

      Source text changes after translations have been made? CaptionHub automazingly updates the source text in the translations, whilst maintaining the relationship to its source transcription.

    Feature checklist

    • Full frame accuracy

    • Ripple editing

    • Audio waveform display

    • AI re-align

    • Integrated spell check

    • Find & replace functionality

    • Full support for right-to-left languages

    • Formatting and positioning

    • WPM / CPS count

    • Cut detection

    Integration partners