Real-time subtitles in 130 languages

Transcribe from 100+ source languages; translate immediately into 130; with no-latency and CaptionHub's fully loaded enterprise-grade scale and resilience

  • Multilingual subtitling for live video events

    State-of-the-art AI-powered speech-recognition and translation. Advanced features include real-time customisable terminology; auto-buffering adaption and variable source-language transcription.

  • No latency audio sync to your live events

    Using our proprietary Multi-clock Synchronisation System alongside CaptionHub's Natural Captions technology, CaptionHub delivers perfectly timed captions, with no latency, through your enterprise video player.

  • Broadcast stream resilience

    CaptionHub Live injects captions into your video player — not the stream — removing any resilience risk on the broadcast stream, with captions delivered over a CDN for massive scale - proven in serving the world's largest events.

Feature checklist

  • Instant AI caption generation for 50+ source languages

  • No-latency caption delivery via elastic CDN

  • AI translation into 90+ languages

  • Customisable AI for your own terminology e.g. Tesla Model X

  • Stream resiliency and security tested by the world's largest companies and events

  • Native plugin and player integration with Brightcove for fast set-up

  • Auto buffer adaption improves transcription quality based on HLS feed

  • Viewer, device and language analytics

  • Profanity filter, brevity, and formal/informal settings