AI-powered captions.
For humans.

Our proprietary technology mimics skilled human subtitlers. Our captions are video-aware, and obey natural language rules. The result? More readable captions, instantly.

  • Scene detection

    We scan any video uploaded to CaptionHub for cuts in the footage. This way, we can ensure that our captions are video-context aware, with no distracting double edits involving an unsynchronised caption break and cut in the footage.

  • Caption rules

    All captions have a specification (numbers of characters per line, minimum duration, and so on) and Natural Captions© makes sure it’s followed.

  • Natural language processing

    Captions are most readable when they flow seamlessly, something that’s governed by lots of grammatical rules. Skilled human subtitlers, for instance, know to not start a new caption after a conjunction – and CaptionHub knows this too.

  • Speaker identification

    CaptionHub identifies who’s speaking, and creates new captions accordingly.