Automatic captions in seconds.

Transcribe your video automatically, in up to 40 languages. Our Natural Captions technology ensures readability, whilst Custom Dictionaries help refine transcription quality.

  • Automatic transcription

    CaptionHub uses state of the art speech recognition technology to automatically transcribe your video for you, timing out the captions at the same time. It’s a huge timesaver. 

  • Custom Dictionaries

    CaptionHub lets you create multiple custom dictionaries featuring key words that you define, like people and product names. By favouring this list, CaptionHub’s speech recognition technology improves accuracy and speeds up turnaround times.

  • Auto-align

    Already have a transcript? Use CaptionHub’s AI-powered alignment option to automatically convert it into captions.

Feature checklist

  • Auto-transcribe in 30 different languages

  • Natural Captions technology

  • Choice of transcription engine

  • Auto-align existing captions

  • Custom Dictionaries

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