Reach the world.

CaptionHub was built for translation at scale. Take a look at our powerful features for connecting teams across the world, and our integrations with modern TMS solutions.

  • Auto translate

    Translate your captions into multiple languages, instantly. For true translation accuracy you can allow your translators to log in from wherever they are on the planet, giving you access to the world’s best language talent.

  • Managed workflow

    Empower your team to work simultaneously on the same project – even on the same video. This offers the potential for huge speed improvements, removes workflow barriers, and speeds up transcription and translation.

  • TMS integrations

    We've integrated with world leading TMS solutions, Phrase and Trados. Linguists now have access to your translation memories, termbases and custom MT engines – and the power of being able to review and edit captions alongside the video.

Feature checklist

  • Auto-translate in 103 different languages

  • TMS integration

  • Natural Captions© technology

  • Full support for right-to-left languages

  • Choice of translation engine

  • Built-in termbase support

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