CaptionHub Voiceover

Take your video to the next level with high-quality synthetic dubbing with CaptionHub Voiceover. The most powerful enterprise-ready synthetic voice product available. Life-like, immediate, scalable.

  • Enterprise-grade video dubbing in 40 languages

    Three clicks. That’s all it takes to take your video and convert it to voice. 33 languages, 72 voices. Communicate more powerfully than ever before with CaptionHub Voiceover.

  • Neural voice synthesis

    CaptionHub Voiceover AI uses powerful neural network synthesis to create continuous audio spectrograms providing the most human-like speech available.

  • Integrated workflow

    Generate voice in the same workflow as your subtitles, transforming turnaround times. Voice is synthesised in seconds, reaching new audiences beyond what was imaginable.

  • Audio only or rendered audio outputs

    Download as a video with voiceover perfectly and automatically timed, or download the audio track to mix in post-production. The choice is yours.

  • Accessibility, localisation or both

    This major feature broadens accessibility to hearing and visually impaired users, as well as localising your video without on-screen text.

  • Scaled voiceover without artist voice over costs

    Human dubbing and voice-overs are expensive. With CaptionHub Voiceover, those costs are slashed. You can now dub all of your video at the same cost as subtitling it.

Feature checklist

  • Create synthetic voice in 40 languages

  • 75+ individual adult, child, male and female voices

  • Natural Captions© technology

  • Enforced sync option for flexibility for video timing

  • Security, data center and network architecture built to mee the most security-sensitive demands organizations

  • High quality – new neural TTS and best-in-class standard TTS technology