CaptionHub Voiceover

Take your video to the next level with high-quality synthetic dubbing with CaptionHub Voiceover. The most powerful enterprise-ready synthetic voice product available. Life-like, immediate, scalable.

  • Enterprise-grade video dubbing in 78 languages

    Three clicks. That’s all it takes to take your video and convert it to voice. 78 languages, 200+ voices. Communicate more powerfully than ever before with CaptionHub Voiceover.

  • Neural voice synthesis

    CaptionHub Voiceover AI uses powerful neural network synthesis to create continuous audio spectrograms providing the most human-like speech available.

  • Integrated workflow

    Generate voice in the same workflow as your subtitles, transforming turnaround times. Voice is synthesised in seconds, reaching new audiences beyond what was imaginable.

  • Audio only or rendered audio outputs

    Download as a video with voiceover perfectly and automatically timed, or download the audio track to mix in post-production. Keep the existing background audio, or don't. The choice is yours.

  • Accessibility, localisation or both

    Voiceover broadens accessibility to visually impaired users, as well as localising your video without on-screen text.

  • Scaled voiceover without artist voice over costs

    Human dubbing and voice-overs are expensive. With CaptionHub Voiceover, those costs are slashed.

Feature checklist

  • Create synthetic voice in 78 languages and hundreds of voices

  • 200+ individual adult, child, male and female voices

  • Natural Captions© technology

  • Enforced sync option for flexibility for video timing

  • Security, data center and network architecture built to mee the most security-sensitive demands organizations

  • High quality – new neural TTS and best-in-class standard TTS technology

  • Maintain background audio

  • Publish multiple audio-tracks to supported platforms like Vimeo