Partners and integrations

Our partners provide best-in-class machine translation, translation memory, translation management, video playback and management, video broadcast, speech recognition, human language and translation services and regional specific consulting. So you get the best out of CaptionHub technology.

  • Delight your team

    Remove the friction of subtitling by seamlessly bringing the tools your teams use every day into CaptionHub from translation memory management to video publishing. All in a highly secure technology environment built for the worlds most powerful brands.

  • Accelerate turnaround

    Powerful integrations between CaptionHub and players mean 800% speed increases. Publish to global audiences in a single click. Multiple subtitle tracks, unpublish, delete and import all handled from your video project.

  • Operational robustness

    All of our partners are carefully selected. We work with leaders in the industry so that tools, integrations and underlying partnerships are the of the highest quality, security and operational robustness.

Enterprise video players & distributors

  • Qumu

    Round-trip your subtitling and captioning workflow for Live and VOD subtitling at speed and scale, for perfect subtitles. Go beyond the limitations of out of the box auto-generated captions with CaptionHub's Qumu integration.

  • Brightcove

    The round trip integration with Brightcove allows CaptionHub users to select videos from Brightcove. Videos can then be auto-transcribed and auto-translated into 90+ languages, instantly. Caption Hub's powerful workflow editor allows individuals and teams to edit, manage, approve and publish subtitles directly back to Brightcove automatically. No with live subtitling support and dynamic ingest.

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  • JW Player

    Round trip subtitling with JW Player. With dynamic ingest, videos can be tagged and auto-transcribed and published back to JW Player without interaction. Translations are supported into 90+ languages, instantly. Perfect automated subtitles with term bases, custom dictionaries, parallel data and human workflows.

  • Vimeo

    Elevate your video content accessibility with CaptionHub's seamless integration with Vimeo. With this integration, you can effortlessly enhance your videos with accurate subtitles and captions. CaptionHub's advanced automation and editing tools make it easy to create, manage, and publish subtitles for your Vimeo videos.

  • YouTube

    Unlock the full potential of your YouTube videos with CaptionHub's integration. Boost your content's accessibility by adding precise subtitles and captions to your YouTube uploads. With support for multiple languages and advanced editing options, CaptionHub empowers you to create engaging, inclusive content for your YouTube audience.

  • Cloudflare

    Maximize the impact of your Cloudflare Stream hosted videos with CaptionHub's seamless integration. Effortlessly enrich your content with accurate subtitles and captions, enhancing accessibility and engagement. With versatile language support and advanced editing features, CaptionHub empowers you to craft captivating and inclusive video experiences for your audience. Elevate your video content with the powerful partnership between CaptionHub and Cloudflare.

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  • Kaltura

    Revolutionize your video content management with the CaptionHub Kaltura video connector integration. Say goodbye to manual imports and subtitle uploads as our seamless integration streamlines your workflow. Focus on creating compelling content while our connector handles the rest, making videos accessible with precise subtitles effortlessly added. Enhance collaboration, engagement, and accessibility while gaining valuable insights with unparalleled ease.

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Perfect subtitles at scale: from AI to workflow middleware

  • Phrase

    Phrase (Memsource) is a world-leading Translation Memory System. It has developed a unique approach to reducing translation costs by combining traditional translation technology with patented AI technology. Fully integrated with CaptionHub for translation workflow.

  • RWS

    RWS are the world's leading provider of technology-enabled language, content management and intellectual property services. RWS partners closely with CaptionHub for global, complex localisation requirements delivered at scale. CaptionHub is also integrated with Trados and Language Weaver. Need a fully managed service from the leading LSP? Look no further.


    Experience enterprise-scale automation and orchestration made simple with Blackbird. This no-code/low-code platform seamlessly integrates with CaptionHub, serving as the ideal workflow middleware. With Blackbird, you can effortlessly establish automations and integrations within your tech stack, streamlining the management of your multimedia localisation workflows. Elevate efficiency and precision in your content localisation processes by harnessing the power of CaptionHub and Blackbird together.

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  • Systran

    Since its foundation in 1968, SYSTRAN has been pioneering machine translation technology. With its latest Neural Machine Translation enterprise solution, SYSTRAN bringing the capabilities of Neural translation to CaptionHub. Highly developed models with on-premise deployment capability. Use your custom Systran models directly in CaptionHub.

  • Amazon Translate

    As an AWS Media Intelligence Technology Partner, we work closely with AWS Media Intelligence teams including Transcribe and Translate to develop the best captioning solutions available. Parallel translations, term bases, custom MT and regional specific data residency as options. Auto translate with term bases in 90+ languages.

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  • Lilt

    Lilt is a powerful combination of TMS, MT and linguist resources. Turnkey content exchange via TMS, CMS, and other business systems with Lilt Connect. Streamline program workflows with Lilt Manage, Lilt’s enterprise localization management tool. Send directly to Lilt translators for human translation, from CaptionHub.

A global platform, delivered locally - work directly with our country-specific distributors

  • Ibertelco

    Ibertelco was created in 1997 to provide the media market with equipment, turnkey solutions and services. It has offices in Lisbon and Oporto and is CaptionHub's distributor in Portugal.

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  • V-Cube

    V-cube develops and provides visual communication services to enterprise customers. V-Cube is CaptionHub's distributor in Japan and Singapore.

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  • Smartcom TV

    Smartcom TV has a 20 year track record of focused and established partnerships with many major global technology providers focused on the Norwegian market. Smartcom TV is a Certified Solution Partner and distributor of Brightcove and CaptionHub in Norway.

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