A CaptionHub and SYSTRAN+ Partnership

Multilingual subtitling powered by SYSTRAN

SYSTRAN is trusted by industry leaders

  • Industry specific terminology

  • Reduced total cost of ownership

  • Revenue growth through new markets

  • Highly secure subtitling and translations

  • Short turnaround times


SYSTRAN, the leader in neural machine translation technology, has joined forces with CaptionHub, the market-leading video, and audio captioning platform, to bring multilingual subtitle and captioning services to enterprises and businesses around the world

Events, Education, Technology, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Government




Localize your Video Content by Translating in over 50 Languages

Our most advanced MT integration to date is relevant to any type of business or organization that provides training videos, marketing videos, eLearning opportunities, and more. With a legacy in various such as financial services, government, and pharmaceuticals, this partnership delivers a market exclusive for clients needing on-premise installations or highly-secure cloud instances of CaptionHub and SYSTRAN for advanced subtitling and machine translation. SYSTRAN is known for delivering highly customized language models for companies with nuanced language terminology, where anything less than perfectly translated subtitles simply isn’t acceptable. Now the power of that machine translation can be harnessed with Captionhub’s powerful subtitling editing and workflow platform.