Perfect subtitles, 800% faster.

Subtitling used to involve manual transcription, time-coding, alignment, downloading and uploading different  files, QC – and a great deal of skill. Painful, right? That’s why we created CaptionHub.

  • Automagical

    The combination of integrated AI text-to-speech and our own Natural Captions engine gives you perfectly formatted captions, in much the same way as a skilled human subtitler would – but it takes seconds, not days.

  • Collaborate, validate and approve faster

    Our automated transcription delivers text that’s almost perfect. All that’s left for you to do is finesse it from your browser, using smart notifications and validated workflows to collaborate seamlessly with your team and / or agencies when you need to. Perfect subtitles, faster.

  • Translate into 103 languages, in an instant

    Machine translation can translate subtitles in 103 languages, in one simple step. Then assign linguists to finesse the translations, and split up videos for shared workloads. Don’t have your own linguists? We can hook you up with our translation partners.

  • Video platform retrieval and publishing

    No more manual downloading and uploading of videos and subtitle files. Publish your subtitles from CaptionHub with a single click, using our highly secure video platform integrations.