Welcome to 21st century subtitling.

CaptionHub’s technological expertise, unmatched understanding of the diverse processes involved, and partnerships with the world’s leading tech companies in this field enable you to get the most from the crowded, complex and confusing video and subtitling industry.


CaptionHub uses state of the art speech recognition technology to automatically transcribe your movie for you, timing out the captions at the same time. It’s a huge timesaver. Auto transcription using automatic speech recognition is available for the original source video speech in 30 languages, from Arabic to Swedish.

Only the best for your video content and brand

CaptionHub gives marketeers and video producers an easier, faster and more accurate way to subtitle. Our approach is to build or integrate the best technology for the job at hand across the entire subtitling process, offering users a single, intuitive and lightning fast experience.

Seamless integrations with video platforms and players, with direct import of media and immediate real-time publishing (and un-publishing).