Banish errors, stay on brand.

Perfect subtitles still need the human touch. CaptionHub provides advanced tools for linguists, validators, producers, editors and creative directors so they can create, translate, edit and publish faultless subtitles.

  • Work as a team

    CaptionHub centralises approvals, handovers, discussions and smart notifications, and provides a fully restorable audit trail.

  • Built-in approval workflows

    Subtitling workflows can be messy and complicated. CaptionHub manages the whole process for you, using simple yet powerful tools that adapt to any workflow.

  • Parallel working

    Use our Segment feature to allow your team to work on the same video at the same time with no risk of duplication, slashing turnaround times and with no risk of duplicated work.

  • Smart notifications

    Keep everyone on the same page with automatic notifications, and watch your projects become self-managing.

  • Integrated QC

    CaptionHub automatically keeps your subtitles technically compliant to broadcast standards. Giving you one less thing to worry about.