Automatic edit detection

Edit Detection

We’ve written earlier about the importance of frame accurate captions. On a human level, captions that don’t cross frame boundaries are significantly less jarring, they’re much easier to read. So there’s a moral imperative to do what you can to help people who may be hard of hearing, or people who might not be speaking the same language.

There’s a practical consideration, too. Subtitles for broadcast, or for online film distribution (OTT) simply have to be frame accurate: they’ll be rejected if they’re not. It can be a laborious and time consuming process to identify where edit points in the footage actually occur.

We’re proud to announce that CaptionHub now scans your footage on import. It can automatically identify cut points, making it a breeze to make your subtitles work with the footage.

CaptionHub displays the cut points as an orange line; simply drag your captions to fit.

We’ve also improved our Auto Transcribe and Auto Align text processors. If an edit point occurs within seven frames of a caption break, we’ll snap that caption break to the edit point.

This is included as a free upgrade, to all plans. Contact us for more information about our automatic edit detection feature.

If you aren’t a license holder – why not take a free demonstration of the CaptionHub platform?