AWS Media Intelligence

CaptionHub and AWS Media Intelligence to deliver groundbreaking transcription accuracy

Video demand is growing at an unprecedented rate. Accelerated by the global pandemic, people rely on video throughout the day for entertainment, communication, education and purchasing. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — that's 15 times higher than 2017. 

There's no doubt that subtitling has become a mission-critical component of media workflow. Serving hard of hearing, those who watch video with low audio, in noisy environments, or for understanding recorded or live content in their own language.

Every day, CaptionHub is helping more brands communicate powerfully with their video with perfect subtitles, faster. We couldn't do that alone. CaptionHub - as it says in the name - brings together the world's best technology for the job at hand. Whether that's translation memory, speech recognition or translation.  Our customers always have complete confidence that we selected the best available technology and integrated it at such a level that their experience is significantly improved, seamlessly. 

The experience that our customers get - a step-change in captioning quality - drives us to build a better product day in, day out. And so over the years, we've built technological expertise, a deep understanding of the diverse processes involved in subtitling, and partnerships with the world’s leading tech companies in this field starting with AWS enables all of our clients to get the most from the crowded, complex and confusing video and subtitling industry.

We build or integrate the best technology for the job at hand across the entire subtitling process, offering users a single, intuitive and lightning-fast experience. This is why we partnered with AWS to deliver Media Intelligence solutions. CaptionHub integrated AWS services Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate, offering customers unparalleled speed and accuracy in caption automation.

AWS Transcribe means we can offer new features to enhance subtitling workflow, including Custom Dictionary. Custom Dictionary lets you build a list of specific words that you want us to recognise in your audio input. These are generally domain-specific words and phrases, words that speech recognition isn't usually very good at recognizing, or proper nouns. This can be a massive timesaver when creating subtitles at scale.

As AWS Transcribe and Translate improve on a monthly basis, driven by the sheer quantity of global speech and language data its models receives, we can be confident that our customers are getting the best possible options for their subtitling workflow.

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