4 reasons why adding translated subtitles to your back catalogue of videos is essential for enterprise success

Seeking new ways to reach wider audiences? Looking to push the boundaries of creativity and execution efficiency in a global market? Wanting to maximise impact with lower investment?

If you have archives and back catalogues of video or audio content without subtitles, your business is sitting on a goldmine of potential and untapped revenue resource and global engagement. You’re actually excluding over 3 billion people from your digital content. That is a huge opportunity missed when we can easily help you get your content to a global market between your Friday night pizza and your Monday morning coffee.

Translation of video back catalogues is a driving strategy of the world’s leading content providers. What sets them apart is their ability to scale this operational effort across all their video content to as many regions as possible, as quickly as possible, and without compromising accuracy.

CaptionHub's Automation feature drives the world’s largest content producers back catalogue subtitling. Transforming entire back catalogues in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months.

4 reasons why you should prioritise the localisation of their video archives:

1. Revitalise your content by unlocking global markets and delivering measurable RoI

Your back catalogue represents a treasure trove of valuable content waiting to be discovered by international audiences. By subtitling videos with translated subtitles, captions, and voiceover, you break down language barriers and immediately make your content accessible and more relevant to billions more people. Revitalising your archived videos is an efficient way to leverage your older content for boosting revenue rather than spending time and resource creating new content. New markets, new opportunity for revenue growth. Why wouldn’t you?

2. Enhance engagement and accessibility

Ensuring that your message resonates culturally and linguistically with target audiences is essential for enterprise success. Subtitles and captions in the viewer's native language improve comprehension and engagement, leading to better retention of information. Content is also more accessible to individuals who are deaf or partially deaf, fostering inclusivity.

3. Optimise and create re-engagement with internal communications

Back catalogues might also be internally focused. Years of e-learning content that you’ve invested huge sums of capital into. Enterprises invest significantly into internal communications, however, to maximise their impact, these resources must be tailored to the diverse needs of employees. Localising a back catalogue of communication materials ensures that everyone can access essential information in a format that suits them, leading to more effective communication strategies, higher employee satisfaction, improved retention rates, and greater engagement. A newly localised back catalogue can give organisations an excuse to re-engage their teams with their content. Whether that’s delivered through LMS/e-learning systems or video platforms – CaptionHub can import, subtitle and publish back to these systems at scale.

4. It’s straightforward to do, in a highly-accurate, secure, and fast way

Leveraging CaptionHub’s Automation feature streamlines subtitling into an automated and consolidated process. With CaptionHub’s AI-powered platform and rapid integration with online video platforms (OVPs) like Brightcove, enterprises can scale their localisation efforts without compromising on quality. Take your entire back catalogue, add tags or decide to subtitle it all, and in lightning fast speeds watch them appear readily subtitled in your dashboard or to your video platform.

A large brand, we unfortunately cannot name, recently utilised CaptionHub Automation to publish 250,000 minutes of perfectly captioned content to their Brightcove account within 48 hours.”

-Tom Bridges, CEO

Translating your back catalogue of videos is not just a good idea—it's a strategic no-brainer. By tapping into the power of multilingual subtitles at this scale, your content can reach new markets, engage diverse audiences, and drive easily measurable business outcomes overnight.

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