Take your live streams to the next level, with CaptionHub Live

Live subtitling is hard. Translating into simultaneous languages is even harder.

Existing solutions are expensive and complicated. So we built CaptionHub Live.

GIF showing CaptionHub Live

5 reasons why organisations should look to CaptionHub Live to power their live stream events:

1. AI solutions provide cost-efficiency:

Existing live subtitling solutions are expensive; it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to live caption events, often in a limited number of languages, which forces organisations to be selective regarding which live streams are captioned. By utilising CaptionHub Live, organisations can dramatically increase and broaden their audience at a fraction of the cost.

2. Fully-synchronised captions:

Our patent-pending technology ensures that captions are synchronised with the live video stream, dramatically improving on the inherent latency found in existing solutions where there is a noticeable delay between what is being said and the captions appearing on screen

3. True multilingual support:

Unlike a number of existing subtitling solutions, CaptionHub Live natively supports multiple caption tracks, dramatically expanding the reach of live streams to additional audiences

4. The broadcast stream is uninterrupted:

CaptionHub Live injects captions directly into the video player — not the broadcast stream, which remains totally untouched. Alternative solutions often ingest the feed, generate captions, and then broadcast the combined stream onwards; the caption provider effectively becomes a critical point of failure in the stream path, which is unacceptable for many organisations.

5. Advanced functionality improves accuracy:

Enterprise-grade functionality, such as term bases and custom dictionaries, are fully supported by CaptionHub Live, dramatically increasing the accuracy of both transcription and translation. You can also enhance live translations with profanity filtering, brevity settings, and formal/informal options.

Enterprise-grade, fully synchronised, multilingual subtitling

We’re so excited by the potential of CaptionHub Live, but don’t just take our word for it; CaptionHub Live has been used by some of the world’s largest technology companies for product launch keynotes and conference events alike.

Register for our Live launch webinar with special guest, Brightcove as we unveil CaptionHub Live or book a demo direct with our team.